Medieval fairy tales for the young and young at heart, Xianna Michaels’ novels are written in rhythmic verse as she takes you through whimsical scenes of mystery, magic, and unexpected twists and turns. Discover haunting tales that reveal layers of timeless wisdom about love, redemption, and the lessons we must learn. Coming from her indie publishing house, Alcabal Press, LLC, are more enchanting verse novels and her first prose novel.
A medieval fairy tale about a kingdom cursed for nearly a century for an ancient crime, its aging King Sagan is determined to undo the curse before he dies, but every time he tries, great harm comes. For wrongs must be righted and lessons learned. Can he unlock the secrets that lurk in the shadows and name his heir before it’s too late? And just who is his hidden nemesis, the one who holds all the power, whom they call “The Sorcerer Queen”?

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